What Did You Learn Today?

What Did You Learn Today?

It’s back-to-school season, and parents everywhere are greeting their children with the age-old phrase, “What did you do at school today?”

If your children are like mine were, they’ll answer with a shrug of their shoulders, or say “nothing.” That’s when you stop asking the direct question and learn to wait them out.

Sometimes we, as adults, feel like we’re having the same experience with God. As we go through challenging times with our children, our life seasons, or the unexpected mountains we encounter, we ask God the questions. But instead of giving us clear answers, He appears to us to be shrugging His shoulders in response to our prayers. We have to learn the patience to wait Him out.

My Prodigal Son took a few steps backward this week. As I listened to his wife’s description of what happened, I dropped right back into my old “Why, God?” patterns. During my conversation with my sweet daughter-in-law, though, I was able to talk myself through the old patterns and beliefs. By the end of the conversation, I had been able to come to a much more Spirit-led, correct, and mature conclusion. More about that later.

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