Taming the Morning Rush

Taming the Morning Rush

Tips, tricks, and strategies to help you and your family relieve the stress of the dreaded Morning Rush

Have you ever been halfway to work and realized you were still wearing your slippers? Have you ever gotten a frantic 10:15 message from your child telling you they left their soccer bag at home? Have you ever searched your entire house at 7 am, looking for one child’s sneaker, only to find it in the car?

You are not alone. Whether you work inside or outside your home, weekday mornings with children can add an element of, um, excitement to anyone’s life. You can make mornings a little less stressful by following a few tips.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to do all of these things. Pick and choose which changes might help you minimize aggravation. Even implementing only one of these suggestions can help. Changing habits can take about three weeks, so don’t give up!

The Night Before

Parents’ Responsibilities

  • Sign notes, check school websites and check homework. Finished homework and signed notes go IMMEDIATELY into the backpack.
  • Pick out and lay out your clothes for tomorrow.
  • Check lunches your children have packed.
  • Put your keys in the same place every day, on a hook near the door.
  • Set your wake-up alarm for a half hour earlier than usual.
  • Plug your phone into the charger.
  • Set out non-perishable breakfast items.

Children’s Responsibilities

  • As soon as the children come home from school, they should empty their lunch boxes and backpacks, give you any paperwork from school and set up for homework before they go out to play.
  • Pick out their own clothes for tomorrow, including underwear, socks or tights and SHOES.
  • Put shoes by the door.
  • Wash out lunch containers.
  • Pack lunch for the next day and put into the refrigerator. Beginning in about first grade, your children should begin packing their own lunches.
  • Before bed, put backpacks near the door.
  • If possible, place sports equipment, uniforms, and other forgettable items in the car.

In the morning…

Parents’ Responsibilities

  • Don’t hit the “snooze” button.
  • Get yourself ready first.
  • Put your phone in your pocket or purse.
  • Enforce a rule of “no screentime for children” until they are completely ready to go.
  • Everybody has at least one dawdling child. Help this situation by setting a timer.
  • Make a checklist of what your children need to do each morning. Both the checklist and the timer help your children be responsible for themselves. The goal is to not waste time nagging, prodding or cajoling your children to get ready.

Children:‘s Responsibilities

  • Get up and get themselves ready. Use the timer or checklist if needed.
  • Put their lunches in their backpacks.
  • Eat breakfast.

Remember, this will probably be too much to do all at once. Start with a few things, adapt them to your needs, make them habits, and enjoy a much smoother start to the day!

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